My Favorite Things

Septembe 2021

My new favorite thing this month is this OttLite magnifier and light.

I can finally see what I’m stitching again. It’s awful getting old and losing the clarity you once had in your vision.

July 2021

Working on the Split-nine Patch blocks, I had to make a lot of Half-Square Triangles (HST). When making these I like to use the method where you put two squares together, sew along either side of a drawn diagonal line. When sliced apart you get TWO HST out of each set. This is great as I will use all those extra HST in my borders.

In order to be sure my blocks are the proper size, I like to square up each one of the HST sections using my favorite ruler for this purpose. It’s called the Bias Square Ruler and was produced by That Patchwork Place. I’m not sure if you can still find one, but I love mine. I’ve had this ruler for over 20 years and it’s my go-to ruler every time I make Half-Square Triangles (HST) sections.

June 2021

When I finish my embroidered bird blocks, I like to give them a good press.

This wool pressing block is a great tool. I place my embroidery upside down, give the piece a light spritz of water and press with a hot iron.

These wool pressing blocks are sold everywhere on line and probably in your local shop. They come in a few different sizes. I have one in my workroom and a second one out in the Studio.

May 2021

This month I’d like to talk about Long Arm Rulers. Although I’m still a novice on the Long Arm, I have fallen in love with ruler work.

Working on the Firecrackers (now Building Blocks) quilt I was thankful for my new Good Measure Circle Rulers by Amanda Murphy.

They are so far superior to the Bernina Rulers that I purchased when I first bought my Q24. The lines are clearer and much more helpful in lining up the circles and the width of the ruler helps me to hold on and keep from sliding off line.

I do not sell these rulers but they are readily available. You should treat yourself to an upgrade if you like doing ruler work.

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