Betty Tucker Dietz

Quilt Artist and Teacher

My quilting journey began in 1985 when I wanted to make a baby quilt for our first child. My neighbor down the street was an accomplished seamstress and quilter.
She invited me to join in the local quilt guild.

The guild met in the evenings and those meetings soon became my “night out”.
Our smaller quilting bee met every Tuesday morning, the wonderful ladies that I met there were more than happy to have me come to the meetings, baby in tow…even though for most of them, their kids were in high school and college. I did finish the baby quilt and went on and made a lot more quilts.

My husband’s job took us from New Jersey to Texas (twice) to Virgina and Pennsylvania and each time we moved to a new town I searched out the local quilt group. I knew I would have instant friends.

I began teaching to members of my guilds and then to students at local quilt shops.

I have also organized and hosted quilting retreats at our vacation home/ B&B in Deal Island Maryland.

To improve my own quilt skills I have taken many classes from local and National level quilters and I have attended the Houston Quilt show every year since 1985.

Over the last 35+ years I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful quilters, they became my mentors, my inspiration and my best friends wherever I have moved.

We have retired and are now living in our dream home in Afton Virginia, just under the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Quilt Studio in Afton is located in it’s own cottage on our property.

I look forward to meeting and teaching many new quilting friends.