In The Studio

July 15, 2021

Something old…

On the long arm this week, I have an old quilt top that I just love, I just never got around to quilting it. This top was made as a round robin quilt, I made the center block and passed it on to friends, who added all the other rounds. I’m quilting it with different colored threads, black, tan and a variegated.

Something new….

New project started this week. As a door prize, I won 90 six inch black and white squares at the CAQG Spring Fest before Covid hit. I’m going to turn them into a black and white and red quilt. I made the 6 inch squares into 5 1/2 inch four patch blocks alternating the black and white background fabric. Now, I need to add red strips for sashing…should be cute when it’s done!

Something to share…with all of you!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be teaching my Fearless Applique Class virtually through VCQ the Virginia Consortium of Quilters. The date is September 11, 2021. Mark your Calendar. All the details have not yet been finalized, but look for it to be announced on the VCQ website.

In this class I teach you four ways to Applique by hand, and four ways to Applique by machine. Hopefully you can try them all and decide which one works best for you.

We will be making oak leaves from my Fall Leaves Quilt. I will have this pattern available in PDF format by the end of this month.

I promise to post all the links when everything is finalized!

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