In The Studio

March 1, 2021

Amish Tulips

Happy First Day of March!

Spring is just 20 days away. The Quilt Studio got a makeover with bunnies and umbrellas.

The Quilt Studio in Afton
The Quilt Studio in Afton
Quilt for Community Outreach

This quilt top was made by the sister of one of our Crozet Quilter members. She loves to put together scrappy quilts from small squares. It was fun to quilt out and add the binding. This one will probably go to our local Hospice in Charlottesville.

Adding the binding
Pink Bordered Squares
Firecrackers Quilt

The Firecrackers Quilt is now on the long arm. Top border is done and I’m playing with designs to quilt in the body.

Oh look! Blue Jay is finished. This was my February bird block from the pattern “Flight of Fancy” from Crabapple Hill. Four finished only eight more to go!

Crabapple Hill Pattern
Sunset in Costa Rica

This Pattern was designed by Penni Domikis of Cabin in the Woods Quilter.

I made it in our Fall Workshop and finally quilted it and added the binding this weekend. It reminds me of our trip last year, when we travelled through the Panama Canal and stayed in a lovely lodge in Costa Rica.

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