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October 18, 2020

This week I finally finished the Drunkards Path Quilt. You may remember this is the quilt where the backing got all pleated up and I had to rip out two whole rows of quilting.

This block traditionally has many names. One common name is Rocky Road To California. I have decided to rename mine Rocky Road to Oklahoma in memory of my sister Dorothy. She died at the age of 40 due to complications from drugs, alcohol, HIV and Hepatitis. Her life was one long rocky road. I often thought she had gay tendencies, but in the 1980’s she did what was expected of her, she got married (twice!) and bore two children. She was never well suited to motherhood. She lacked that nurturing gene.

Her life started in Delaware the 4th child of 5 in our very Catholic family. She was sandwiched between two brothers and loved to play sports. I am older than her by nine years. And I was off to college and married before she was in high school.

Somehow her life went off track..and she never figured out how to get back on. She ended up in Oklahoma.

Thus the Quilt is named:

The Rocky Road to Oklahoma

Rocky Road to Oklahoma
Wagon wheel and sunflower quilting

This is one of my current classes. You will find more information on the Classes Page.

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