In the Studio

October 14, 2020

I am working on a quilt for my niece. It’s a wedding quilt so I have to keep it secret until it’s finished but I can show a few things.

First…lots of cutting fabric into small strips and pieces.

I used pre cut strip sets. These are not my favorite choice. Notice how the edges are pinked and so the 2 1/2 inch cuts come out not quite or just over. Makes it very hard to get an exact seam

But I will persist…With this pattern I can often chain stitch bits together. This makes the process go much faster.

I will show you this finished quilt, once I give it away!!

Meanwhile….on the long arm.

I’m still working on the Drunkards Path Quilt. I’m adding circles to make sunflowers! Using my rulers. This takes some fancy finger work and practice!

This week I am adding a new item to the studio.

Book Rentals!

I have a vast collection of Quilt books and I’d love to share them with others. The charge will be $1.00/ month for each book and .25c / month for magazines and fiction novels. The charges are to help defray the cost for lost or damaged books.