In the Studio

September 27, 2020

Keeping Our Distance

My 2020 Quilt, Keeping Our Distance is finished. Off the Long Arm and binding attached.

The 2020 Quilt has 400 blocks and 2020 pieces. Not all unique pieces, the blue is all the same. The village houses are all made from my own scraps, fabrics collected since 1985.

The houses represent how the world population has kept to their own villages and stayed at home as much as possible.

We shifted to working from home and schooling our kids, too. We learned to use Zoom to keep in touch and facilitate important meetings.

Notice that not more than six houses are clustered together. Thus reminding us to keep our distance.

But also notice, the lights are on in each house…we all have hope that tomorrow will be better.

The blank blue blocks each have a bird hiding in the quilting. These represent all those souls that have been lost to Covid 19.

The 2020 Qult is a sister quilt to the Millennium Quilt. That quilt came about from a fabric exchange among friends for fabrics made before the year 2000. It also has 400 blocks and it uses exactly 2000 unique pieces not counting the border or back. It took me 20 years to finish.

Millennium Quilt

I finished the 2020 Quilt Keeping Our Distance in six months. Amazing what you can accomplish when you have no outside commitments or distractions!