In The Studio

August 2, 2020

This week was a half done week!

It’s a slow go on the 2020 quilt. Lots of matching seams. So it’s half done.

And the Quilt of Honor on the long arm looks great. But another slow go project. It’s also half done.

Taking a break today…sorting through a tub of very old scraps. Finding some bits from my first ever quilt. A sampler quilt that I made at a shop called Yesterday’s Lace in Humble Texas. That would have been in the mid eighties. All of my fabric came from Walmart!!

Yesterday I found these blocks from an old block exchange. Lots of different colors. I might try to put them together for a top to go to our local hospice. Hmmm…what goes with all of these colors? Maybe a gray or white?

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