In The Studio

July 24, 2020

Prairie Flowers Quilt. The binding is stitched down, and the label is on. This quilt will live on our den couch as a cozy wrap while we are movie watching!

Prairie Flowers
More masks!

I got a few more masks made this week. These will live out in the Studio to protect me and any visitors.

Hoorah! My Batik Gypsy Quilt is on the long arm. This week I am adding straight stitching to the long vertical lines. Then I’ll take it off the long arm and add some creative stitches to each block. This should be lots of fun!

I did get a little work done on the 2020 Quilt. A few rows are put together. Hoping to finish the top this coming week.

We are staying home and limiting our travels to the grocery store and feed store.

We are sooo bored. I spent some time this week organizing my inside studio and I rearranged my sewing table. By turning it 90 degrees I get a much better view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We look at Elk Mountain with Humback Rock just off in the distance.

My inside studio
My new view of the Blue Ridge

Hello…from our chickens.

The new ladies
Simon…the Rooster
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